Friday, October 29, 2010


What started at the beginning of the week as a stuffy nose and dry throat has turned into a really bad sore throat.  So bad, that we had to cancel our plans to Nashville, bummed!  I gargled salt water, drank hot tea and kept hoping it would get better, but it hasn't.  As much as we were all looking forward to spending the weekend (especially Halloween weekend) with the Cliffords we didn't want to get any of them sick, but especially little Merritt who is only 4 mths old.  After dropping Isaac off at preschool this morning Hayden and I went by the take care clinic at Walgreeens.  I prayed that there wouldn't be a lot of people there so we could get in quickly.  We walked into Walgreens and over to the clinic and there was no one there, yay!  When the Dr. looked at my throat she commented on how red it was.  She really emphasized how red it was and some how I felt justified for just how crummy I have been feeling.  Unfortunately though she said it was viral and that antibiotics wouldn't help.  She did say that she would give me something to gargle to help with the pain.  That made me happy, but when I got home and measured out a tsp as the directions said I was surprised to find that it was as thick as honey.  The directions didn't say anything about diluting it so I thought okay, here it goes.  It was impossible to gargle and just made my mouth feel a little numb so I called the pharmacy and they said that I could mix it with water.  They should really put that on the directions!  Anyways, I tried it again with water, but it didn't help very much, disappointment.  Angela and I talked and as much as we wanted to be together and knew the kids were looking forward to it we agreed that it was for the best.  We dreaded telling the kids.
Even though I wasn't feeling well Hayden I headed back to Isaac's school after Hayden took a nap.  They had a fall festival today and parents and siblings were invited to attend.  They had games and crafts for the children to do and each child could pick out a small pumpkin.  Terry was able to come home a little early today and then I took a much needed nap.  This evening Terry and the boys went and picked up dinner.  I also had him stop by Wendys and to get me a Frosty for my throast.  I was just following doctors orders :)  No really, she said that something cold like ice cream would soothe my throat.  Well, I am going to end this for now and hope that I am able to write more up beat posts in the near future.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sipping Hot Tea with Honey

I am sipping hot tea with honey as I type hoping that this cold and sore throat don't stay around for long.  I could tell the boys and I were getting colds when we all started sniffling over the weekend.  Then Sunday I woke up with a sore throat and I knew it was hitting me full force.  I am hoping that our colds do not get worse or last long because we are planning to go to Nashville this weekend.  We debated whether to stay here for Halloween since our church is having their trunk or treat on Halloween day this year (something that Isaac has enjoyed every year) or to spend Halloween with Angela and her family as we did last year.  As usual family time won out.  Kate, Harrison, and Isaac love spending time together (Merritt and Hayden love tagging along as well).  It is such a blessing that our kids are close in age, don't live too far away, and get along so well.  Terry, myself, Angela, and William always have a good time together as well.

Today the boys went to Tori's and I went to work.  This morning was a little chaotic as it always is as I fed Hayden breakfast, got myself ready for work, gathered up all our stuff, and got the boys in the car.  I usually get the diaper bag packed and lunches made the night before, but most Tuesday mornings I am finishing up their lunches by putting a couple more things in their lunch bag.  This morning I thought I was doing good because everything that needed to be in their lunch bag was already packed.  I didn't need to take it out of the fridge and put anything else in.  Well, the problem was just that, I didn't need to put anything else in it so I never took it out of the fridge!  I realized that it was still in the fridge when I was half way to Tori's, ugh!  I couldn't believe I had forgotten something so important.  Thankfully Tori said she had plenty of things that they could eat and would be happy to make their lunches.  I am very thankful for Tori.  When April told me that she would not be able to watch the boys this school year I didn't know what I was going to do.  A lady from church offered, but it just didn't seem to be a good fit and ended up not working out for her.  When I announced that we needed to find a babysitter just 5 weeks before I had to go back to work in August I prayed that the right person would come along and she did!  Tori is definitely an answered prayer and has been wonderful with the boys!  Today they made rice krispie treats and cut them into pumpkin shapes.  After I picked the boys up from Tori's Terry took Isaac to swim lessons.  Isaac loves the water and Terry taught him a lot this summer.  He really amazed me!  By the end of the summer he didn't want to wear his swim vest, would jump off the diving board, and would swim underwater after a toy that had been thrown.  Since he loves swimming so much we thought we would continue his desire to be a good swimmer with lessons.  During his first lesson his teacher called him a little fish.  After dinner Terry raked leaves for the boys to jump in.  I have a few pictures that I will have to post later (it is getting late).  Just another day in the life of the Beasleys!  I feel blessed.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just a few thoughts today

I really want to capture as much of our lives as possible and so therefore I want to blog often.  I think if I am going to consistently do that then I need to allow myself to just jot a few things down on some days instead of putting as much time and thought into it as I will on other days.  Today is one of those days where I just want to jot a few things down. 
* It was a treat today to have my father in law with us for Bible class and church.  He usually has to leave out on Saturday to get back to Tallahassee to preach.
* I love when Hayden falls asleep on me in church.  By the end of service he and I are both hot and my arms are tired, but I love this cuddle time.
* I am excited about the ladies retreat that I am planning for our Bible class.  I can't believe that it is only two weeks away!  I am pleased with how everything is coming together, but am still stressing a little that it will be a wonderful weekend for everyone.  I pray that I will be at peace knowing that God is in control and is going to do great things!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mimi, Papaw, and Aunt Lauren weekend

Although Friday was not an all together bad day, I was glad to see it come to a close because I had a headache All Day!  I get headaches at least once a week and over the counter medicine usually doesn't get rid of them.  So, Friday afternoon I finally went to the Dr. and was prescribed something stronger.  Once I got the prescription filled and took the medicine I was very happy with how quickly it took away my headache.  Anyway, enough about that!  Friday morning Lauren went with me to take Isaac to preschool.  She was able to meet his teacher and see his classroom.  After we picked Isaac up from preschool Friday afternoon we went to the park so Isaac could show Aunt Lauren his new remote control plane.  We always enjoy going to the park and Friday was no exception.  I want to make a side note here about how thoughtful Isaac is.  Right before we were getting ready to leave the park Isaac found a stick.  I told him we needed to go and when I was buckling him in his car seat he said "I found a stick and I wanted to bring it with me, but then I remembered that you had some things in the car from Target and I didn't want to get them dirty."  His thoughtfulness shows in many things he says, but that is just one example.  After we put the boys to bed Friday night I finally got relief from my headache and Terry, Lauren, and I enjoyed laughing together as we watched The Office.  Marjorie and Jim arrived very late after driving here from Tallahassee, FL.
This morning Terry made us a great breakfast of blueberry pancakes and eggs.  Then Marjorie, Lauren, myself, and the boys took off for IKEA.  Although Lauren's 22nd birthday was yesterday we celebrated all day today.  When I had asked her a couple weeks ago what she wanted to do this weekend IKEA was at the top of her list!  Isaac's goal was to get to the toy section, but he entertained himself along the way by pretending different display areas were stages.  Isaac loves a stage!  After shopping we took the kids home and us girls went to a spa to further celebrate Lauren's birthday.  I got a massage and it was wonderful!  Lauren got a massage and Marjorie got a facial.  Lauren chose a Thai restaurant for dinner.  I think we all agreed that it definitely wasn't the best Thai restaurant, but we enjoyed being together just the same.  Although it had been a busy day and it was getting close to the boys' bedtime we had to fulfill our promise to carve pumpkins.  The boys both had a lot of fun.  Isaac enjoyed getting all the goo (yes, that is the technical term) out and we found out that Hayden enjoyed trying to put the cut out shapes back in.  I am very thankful that we have had this family time this weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here We Go

I have been putting off writing my first entry because I feel like I don't really have time to spend a lot of time and really think through what I want to say, because I feel like I have a lot to learn about blogging, and because I don't have my blog just the way I want it yet.  Tonight I decided to ignore all those things, jump in, and figure things out as I go.  So, I am open to tips about blogging, suggestions about my blog, and blog name suggestions.  Beasley Life is just a temporary title.  My main reason for starting a blog is to journal our day to day lives.  I want to reflect on each day I am blessed with.   I am hoping that this will  help me to treasure each moment with my boys, my husband, and everyone I love.  Not that I don't treasure them already, but I think sometimes we just get so caught up in the busyness of life that we just zoom past little, but priceless moments.  I am going to wrap this up because I feel like this is a good place to stop for now and because I need to finish getting ready for my sister-in-law's visit.  She is arriving in tonight and Marjorie and Jim will get here tomorrow night.  We have a great weekend ahead celebrating Lauren's birthday and just enjoying family time.